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דער „אױפֿן־װעב“ אוצר פֿון ייִדישע לידער דערצײלונגען


A Bisl Backgroundאַ קלײנער פֿאָן

Please, sir, can you tell me more?

More? Because of some very enthusiastic people who like this project and want to make it better, we are expanding the very concept of our site to include, for now, stories, and, for later, everything under the umbrella of the "literature."

We are going to more actively encourage submission of new works.

We are going to offer translations into languages other than English.

Some other current dreams: a more refined search feature, a part of speech tagger, an offline downloadable dictionary, a digital hall of special exhibits, a forum/intergrated editing platform...

This is where you may listen to a reading of the story.


by The Treasury of Yiddish Stories


פֿון דעם אוצר פֿון ייִדישע דערצײלונגען

translated by Someone

Once upon a time there was a little website devoted to Yiddish poems. Poems are good things. They are the stream of light, the source of life and love. But there are also people, and no ordinary people at that, but people of the intellectual sort, that have enough of poetry. In short, they detest the things. And why not? Sometimes a poem is simply not enough. We don't want to think poetically, abstractly. We want to bite into a pile of words, messy like, without fancy stanzas and clean lines. It's just like the unknown poet, who goes by "the idiot," if I remember correctly, scribbled at some time:

Poems shmoems.
Enough poems already.
Give me something long and yummy
for this here big ol' dummy.

We agree entirely. So here: the new branch of The Online Treasury of Yiddish Poetry: The Online Treasury of Yiddish Poetry Stories. Happy reading.

This completely profitless educational site has lots of stuff on it: if your intellectual property is found on this site and you do not like that at all please let us know and we will take it down!

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אַ מאָל איז געװען אַ קלײן װעבזײַטל װאָס האָט זיך אָפּגעגעבן מיט לידער. לידער זײַנען זײער גוט. זײ זײַנען דער קװאַל פֿון ליכט, ליבע און לעבן. אָבער פֿאַראַנען מענטשן, און דװקא נישט קײן פראָסטע, נאָר טאַקע אינטעלעקטואַלן — װאָס לידער געפֿעלן זײ ניט. בקיצור, זײ לאַכן זיך אױס פון לידער. און פֿאַר װאָס ניט? אַ מאָל איז אַ ליד פּשוט נישט גענוג. סע גלוסט זיך נישט טראַכטן פּאָעטיש, אַבסטראַקט. מע װיל זיך אײַנבײַסן אין אַ היפּשן מאכל װערטער, אָן שײנע סטראָפֿעס און זױבערע שורות. פּונקט װי אַן אומבאַקאַנטער דיכטער, אײנער אַ נאַר, האָט אָנגעדרעפּטשעט:

ליד שמיד,
אַ ליד אױסגעשמידט.
שלאָג אױס אַ ליד
דו, גאָלדשמיד.
— אָבער גיב מיר אַ מעשׂה.

מיר זײַנען מסכּים: אָט איז אַ נײַ קאַפּיטל פֿונעם „אױפֿן־װעב“ אוצר פֿון ייִדישע לידער: דער „אױפֿן־װעב“ אוצר פֿון ייִדישע לידער דערצײלונגען. לײענט געזונטערהײט.

דער ״אױפֿן־װעב״ אוצר פֿון ייִדישע לידער
שרײַבט אונדז
24 פֿעברואַר, 2019
February 24, 2019

The Poetדער דיכטער

We assume a new genre will require a new visual layout. As we amass texts we will think just how it should look. For now, as you can see, it looks the same. We like the look. Maybe you don't? Tell us why and as we rethink the design for stories, we will do the same for poetry.

Are you so excited and want to help?! Email us, submit poems, submit stories, submit drawings, write some code, offer suggestions!


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